About us

IKA Logistic

Shortly about us
IKA Logistics Company was founded in 2009. We provide logistic services for trading on international markets shipping companies, private and business-clients. Our specialization is delivery of cargoes by road, air and sea transport in Russia and Belarus, as well as a combined delivery transport modes on request.
IKA Logistic company is focused on customer’s satisfaction with high service standards. Our focus is on partnership approach, which is possible thanks to full access to customer information. At the same time, we try to limit to a minimum the formalities connected with the expedition of goods within the framework of best practices and legislation.

Interesting facts
Logistics is not a vocation, is a way of life. We built our business on trust. Fully informing the client about the terms and ways of moving goods has allowed us a short time to find permanent agents and partners around the world.
We devote considerable attention and funding for professional development of our forwarders and managers.
This allows the IKA Logistic Company is a solid team of experienced professionals, able to solve tasks in the best way.

Our opportunities

  • A stable partner and a permanent partner warehouse in Russia

  • Trusted agents in China

  • Deliveries of goods from markets of Tao Bao and Alibaba

Why choose us
IKA Logistic Company is capable of fulfilling any order at the optimum time for a minimal cost. We are engaged in ongoing weekly delivery of cargoes to Russia and Belarus. The expanded network of trusted agents throughout the world helps us to fully satisfy the client. We have a disposition 24 hours a day. IKA Logistic Company oriented toward emergency problem: executed from the evening reservation for a car will be implemented next morning.