Main services

                                              IKA Logistic Company specializes in the delivery of cargoes to all regions of Russia and Belarus, as well as warehousing, customs clearance and logistics consulting.

  • Delivery of cargoes from Europe and Asia

  • Trucking

  • Air transport

  • Sea transport

  • Multimodal transportation

  • Services warehouse and customs

  • Services of logistics consulting

Customs clearance in Russia

  • Full logistic/customs service for Polish exporters at the area of the Russian Federation.

  • Import clearance at the Russian customs office.

  • Certification in Russia.

  • All payment methods available to the customer.

Delivery of cargoes from Europe and Asia

Our company specializes in the delivery of cargoes from Europe and Asia to Russia and Belarus. Deliveries are realized by us through the terminal (Cross-docking), located on the territory of Poland (Warsaw). The assembly of goods takes place within a week, sending assemblies in Russia, Belarus is carried out weekly every Thursday and Friday by two regular car lines. Delivery of cargoes goes by road, air and sea transport, depending on the stated dates of departure. Logistics IKA Logistic company

Center provides additional services:

  • Making export documents at the request of the recipient;

  • Consolidation / deconsolidation of cargo;

  • Packaging / repackaging of goods;

  • Marking of cargo;

  • Export customs clearance;

  • Insurance;

  • Secure storage

IKA Logistic Company carries out transportation of small-sized, bulky and oversized cargoes from 1 kg to 50 tons.
The client can order the delivery of the goods separate machine or to reduce costs and to carry goods by renting part of the area of machine.

Transportation of an entire machine
Order a single machine is justified in case if the customer is required to transport the bulk (more than 10 m3) and heavy (2 tons), a costly burden.
Full safety product is guaranteed in this case — machine sealed and opened at customs at the customs receiver, avoiding overloads and unauthorized access to the goods.

Supplementary cargo
If you want to carry a small load in order to reduce the cost of transportation, you can rent part of machine. Minimizing costs entails a slight increase in the time of delivery. When ordering the machine the client is guaranteed by the selection and provision of the agreed terms of the appropriate type of cargo the vehicle.
Freight forwarders make out road supporting documents, coordinate project delivery and provide detailed information on the movement of goods.
Managers of IKA Logistic Company provide the necessary advice on contracting and the transport of cargo.

Air transport

IKA Logistic Company carries out air transportation in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and other countries.
Point of departure and receiving of goods is the largest airport in Poland – Warsaw International Airport of Frederic Chopin (Warsaw Chopin Airport).
The company’s office is located just 2 km from the cargo terminal, which facilitates the provision of freight forwarding services and services associated with the current customs procedures.

We offer the following types of delivery services by air:

  • Standard and Express Delivery: includes delivery system clock(AOG 24/7);

  • Courier and delivery of luggage;

  • Delivery “to the door”;

  • Delivery on the terms CAD or letter of credit (L / C);

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods(type DGR);

  • Transportation vehicles and equipment to be repaired – (type RMA);

  • Relocation services and transportation of personal property;

  • Transportation of valuables (type VAL or VUL);

  • Transportation of goods for trade fairs, presentations and exhibitions;

  • Charter flights and cargo insurance.

Sea transport

The company provides services for sea transportations through an affiliate company in Gdynia, located on the territory of the Baltic Container Terminal.
We also provide services for transit / customs clearance in the main European ports – Hamburg and Rotterdam, delivery to Poland, Russia and Belarus, and vice versa.

  • Transportation of containers with a maximum load (FCL containers) to the Gdynia Port  and other European ports, in collaboration with reputable shipping lines;

  • Delivery and distribution of group consignments less than container load (LCL groupage), in collaboration with recognized consolidators, and our global network of representatives;

  • Organisation and recommendations on the Transport of hazardous materials and / or perishable goods;

  • Transportation of Dangerous (HC cargo) and oversized cargo scheduled and charter lines;

  • Insurance of goods in accordance with ICC Clauses;

  • Payment of bills for collection (CAD) and Letter of Credit ;(L / C transactions).

  • Delivery on the terms of transit (T1) to Russia and Belarus;

  • Consolidation of sea transportation from China to Russia and Belarus, the flights from Shanghai, Ningbo and Hong Kong through Hamburg.

Multimodal transportation

IKA Logistic Company is engaged in multimodal transport, combining in one order automotive, sea and air modes of transport. The efficiency of multimodal transport is explained by lower delivery costs and precision logistics. The client reduces the time the consignment if orders shipping combined species. Multimodal transportation routes are developed by experienced freight forwarders of logistics center. Shipping from all over the world is possible by a stable partnership network of the IKA Logistic Company.

IKA Logistic company provides multi-modal transportation all over the world:

  • Far East;

  • CIS countries: Russia, Belarus;

  • Europe and Scandinavia;

  • North and South America;

  • Middle East countries.

Warehouse and customs services

IKA Logistic Company leases a warehouse area of 250 m2 in Warsaw. Warehouse is located in 2 km from the cargo terminal of Warsaw International Airport of Frederic Chopin (Warsaw Chopin Airport).
Additional warehouse of the company on Poland’s territory is located in Bialystok. The area of warehouse is 4000 m2. Our company also has access to the partner’s warehouse in Moscow.

Types of services:

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation

  • Congestion

  • Packaging and labeling of goods

Customs Clearance Services
We provide professional services for customs clearance.
Export and import customs clearance is carried out both in Poland and in Russia.

Logistics Consulting Services

An experienced team of experts prepares the necessary reports that will help you make the right decision in the field of production planning and control costs. The relevant conclusions of our report will help improve efficiency of your business.

  • Types of services:

  • Analysis of statistical data;

  • Reports KPI;

  • Definition and optimization of key performance indicators of logistics processes;

  • Cost-benefit analysis;

  • Cost Analysis ABC;

  • Cost optimization of freight.