IKA Logistic

We make West meet East

IKA Logistic provide logistic services for trading on international markets shipping companies, private and business-clients. Our specialization is delivery of small cargoes on DDP terms by road, air and sea transport in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Kazahstan as well as a combined delivery transport modes on request.


IKA Logistic Company specializes in the delivery of cargoes to all East regions as well as warehousing, customs clearance and logistics consulting.

IKA Logistic is our strategic partner in the international transport. Their way of working leaves no doubt about their efficacy. The company makes its name for giving shipping services without any delay. Employees of the company are professionals in the international Logistics, competent and ready to help with any questions. The company also work with speed and delivers the things quickly that is the most desirable thing for any company. We are satisfied with IKA Logistic and ready to recommend this company as readable and sold business partner.

Heidi Bonetti director of HML Helvetica Medical Logistics AG


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Praca w IKA Logistic

Why choose us?

IKA Logistic Company is capable of fulfilling any order at the optimum time for a minimal cost. We are engaged in ongoing weekly delivery of cargoes to Russia and Belarus. The expanded network of trusted agents throughout the world helps us to fully satisfy the client. We have a disposition 12 hours a day. IKA Logistic Company oriented toward emergency problem: executed from the evening reservation for a car will be implemented next morning.

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